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    "WebiMax has significantly changed Alvernia's SEO strategy for the better. SEO is definitely not a narrow path but WebiMax was able to handle the entire SEO arena in area's such as onsite development, coding, consulting and strategy. I highly recommend WebiMax to any company looking to boost their organic search rankings."
    Jennifer Richter, Associate Director of Marketing
  • brian-strong-strong-group Client Testimonial: Brian Strong, President, Strong Group
  • bob-salmon-ride-the-ducks Bob Salmon – VP, Ride the Ducks | Client Testimonials |
  • captain-fred-ardolino-atlantis-of-ny-cruises Client Testimonial: Captain Fred Ardolino, Master Captain & President, New York Cruises
  • jen-giamo-jg-fitness Client Testimonial: Jenn Giamo, President, JG Fitness

WebiMax: The Leading Internet Marketing Company

Search Engine Optimization

  • Industry Leading SEO Services
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Complete Transparency And Detailed Reporting

Search Engine Marketing

  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • AdWords Certified Partner
  • Leveragin Search & Ad Networks
  • Landing Page & Ad Design

Web Design

  • SEO Focused Design
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Optimized For Conversion
  • Latest Technologies Development

Social Media

  • Build Your Follower Base
  • Keep Them Engaged
  • Develop Rich Content
  • Track It All To Results

Reputation Management

  • Devleop Your Brand
  • Analyze & Monitor Brand Sentiment
  • Promote Positive Commentary
  • Strategies To Minimize Negative Comments


  • Industry Thought Leaders
  • Enterprise Level Strategy Development
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Flexible Engagements To Meet Your Needs

Integrated PR

  • Build Awareness & Credibility
  • Targeted Media Outreach
  • Brand Positioning
  • Online Press Releases

Lead Generation

  • Custom Campaign Strategy
  • Qualified Exclusive Leads
  • Quality/Quantity Focused
  • Indisputable ROI

Email Marketing

  • List Development
  • Creative / Content Development
  • Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign Management

E-commerce Solutions

  • Build on Proven Platforms
  • Configured to Your Needs
  • Designed for Conversions
  • Customization & Integration

Mobile Websites

  • Mobile Strategy Development
  • User Experience Focused
  • Responsive Design
  • Phone / Tablet Optimized

Video SEO

  • Video Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Customization
  • Content Development
  • Video Production
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Web Design
Social Media
Reputation Management
Integrated PR
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
E-commerce Solutions
Mobile Websites
Video SEO

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Oct 16

When I mention the Internet and danger, I’m not referring to explicit content; I’m also not referring to the addictiveness of Netflix or the questionable sources of premium TV shows I don’t have to pay for. What I’m talking about is textual content that’s sloppy, uninformative and produced with the sole intention of acquiring higher read more…

Oct 14

As someone who contributes to numerous blogs and has a few of her own, I’m always browsing around the Web looking for inspiration and trying to find ways to improve my own content. There’s definitely an interesting contrast between personal blogs and those that belong to certain brands. While checking out the blogs for individual read more…

Oct 10

The industry is abuzz once again related to an update by Google. Unlike it’s more nasty and mean spirited predecessors, the Hummingbird update is less of a concern and more of an enhancement. Driven by the evolving nature in which web users actually engage the Google search engine, the new algorithm will provide more insight read more…

Oct 2

Between the countless writing classes I took a bit too seriously in college, the time I’ve invested in my hobbies, and the past couple years I’ve spent freelancing and working for SEO companies, I’ve written a lot of blog posts. As a result, I’ve written on a lot of blog platforms. There are a lot read more…

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